Elpida Matsentidou

Elpida Matsentidou, who discovered her passion for drawing at a young age, graduated from the Department of Fine and Applied Arts at Aristotle University. Employing freestyle patterns, abstract symbols, and automatic drawing, her artistic expressions serve as a canvas to convey the complexities of the human mind and evoke subconscious thoughts. Through her art, Elpida invites viewers to explore the depths of their emotions, presenting a visual symphony that not only reflects her personal narrative but also speaks to the universal language of the human experience.

Paris Andreou Hadjipavlou

Ten-year old Paris has been drawing with amazing zeal, creativity and vivid imagination since the age of two and he is self-taught. He holds Awards from numerous international and local art competitions. Paris with his art supports various charitable purposes, non-profit organisations and associations. He attends the French-Cypriot school of Nicosia. With his works, Paris wants to convey the message of peace and he wishes to promote environmental awareness and help raise awareness among young and old, so that they can protect the land and sea animals he loves so much.


My artistic journey started approximately a decade ago, fueled by passion for graffiti and underground culture. The time of street bombing, punk-rock gigs and band tours, set against the backdrop of depressive arctic Russian environment, gave birth to a profound yearning for freedom and a desire to push the boundaries of artistic expression.

Andreas Varnava

“Σκέδαση” είναι ένα έργο για τον διασκορπισμό των ανθρώπων στη γη, για τες διαφορετικές συνθήκες και στιγμές που ζούμε που δεν συνδέονται η μια με την άλλη. Ο καθένας μας ζει σε ένα άλλο, ξεχωριστό κόσμο από τους υπόλοιπους, αλλά βαθιά μέσα μας πηγάζει κάτι κοινό, μια όμοια ανάγκη να βιώσουμε την ζωή μας εγκάρδια, με κατανόηση, αγάπη, περιπέτεια και πίστη. Η Σκέδαση αυτή των ανθρώπων και οι διάφορες ζωές που ζούμε είναι η οικουμένη, είναι το τη μας ενώνει.


Iacovos Loizou (b. 1993) is a Nicosia-based researcher and artist that operates in hybrid territories of art and urban design.

His work is characterised by the amalgamation of urban elements, text, and faux-naïf figures, showcasing a distinct artistic style infused with elements of social commentary and humor. Iacovos has exhibited his artwork internationally, displaying his talent and unique artistic vision in Cyprus, the Netherlands, and Japan.

With a background in urban planning and design, Iacovos brings a deep understanding in contemporary sustainability challenges to his artistic practice, which arises as an instinctual response to his surroundings.

Andreas Kountoureshis

Born in 1992, Andreas Kountoureshis is a Greek Cypriot artist from Nicosia, Cyprus. After four years of studies in Scotland’s Grays School of Art, 2017 saw him return home, to continue pursuing his artistic journey. Since then, he has been active in his studio in Nicosia, where he works to perfect his purposeful language.

From drawings to oil paintings, the works broaden to a scope of themes, addressing philosophical, rhetorical, and metaphysical aspects of everyday life, where the sun’s rays meet the abyss of thought.

Each work of art aims to set different questions for the viewer. On the borderline between reality and fiction, the scale of the elements is left open for balance. Andreas, appreciated for his iconic style, has participated in several international exhibitions.

Chara Kontopoulou

Ayshia Müezzin aka [ a y s h] is a British-Cypriot Intermedia artist graduated in 2014-2018 with a BA(Hons) in Intermedia Art and continued her studies in 2018-2020 to complete her MFA in Contemporary Art Practice at Edinburgh College of art. She was awarded the 2017 SCOTRAIL ART & CULTURE FUND by ScotRail and Foundation Scotland; 2018 UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH and EUSA IMPACT AWARDS; 2018 TRAVEL TO ITALY AWARD from The Wilhelmina Barns-Graham Trust and the 2020 CONTEMPORARY ART PRACTICE AWARD. Her projects have featured on the BBC Timeline Series and Hyperallergic. She is also a member of the Society for Scottish Artists, Visual Arts Scotland and the Artist Collecting Society.

Evita Chrysostomou

Evita is a fine artist based in Edinburgh specialised in drawing and painting. With a keen eye for the human form, her work consists of semi-abstract nudes, all based on life drawing sessions she attended.

Following her studies she worked as an Art tutor in Cyprus and various Cultural organisations in Edinburgh. She is currently working within the Early Years sector, focusing on promoting creativity and the Arts in the Early Years while also practising as a freelance artist.

She holds a BA(Hons) in Fine Art from the Manchester School of Art and an MSc in Modern Art: History, Curating & Criticism from the University of Edinburgh.

Ayshia Muezzin

Ayshia Müezzin aka [ a y s h] is a British-Cypriot Intermedia artist graduated in 2014-2018 with a BA(Hons) in Intermedia Art and continued her studies in 2018-2020 to complete her MFA in Contemporary Art Practice at Edinburgh College of art. She was awarded the 2017 SCOTRAIL ART & CULTURE FUND by ScotRail and Foundation Scotland; 2018 UNIVERSITY OF EDINBURGH and EUSA IMPACT AWARDS; 2018 TRAVEL TO ITALY AWARD from The Wilhelmina Barns-Graham Trust and the 2020 CONTEMPORARY ART PRACTICE AWARD. Her projects have featured on the BBC Timeline Series and Hyperallergic. She is also a member of the Society for Scottish Artists, Visual Arts Scotland and the Artist Collecting Society.

Natali Touloupou

Natali is a graphic designer with an active interest in textiles, culture and heritage and book design. During her studies she completed her internship at the Book Arts Lab, were she had the opportunity to work with an archive of hundreds of Cypriological books. She’s currently an intern at the Association for Historical Dialogue and Research (AHDR), with the European Solidarity Corps programme, and a graphic designer at Fashion Heritage Network Cyprus (FHNC).

Katerina Demetriou – Jones

Katerina is a multidisciplinary illustrator. She draws, paints, cries and sometimes embroiders things. Nurturing a love for building new worlds, she creates illustrations where women live and do as they please. She is an advocate for educating through the arts, especially when it comes to representation, intersectional feminism and mental health. Kat also likes making art that’s fun, and that can put a smile on someone’s face 🙂 her work is underpinned by ancient matriarchal societies, symbolism, female surrealist artists and her dual Cypriot / Brit heritage.

Michalis Pantelidis

Michalis Pantelidis (Nicosia, 1993) is a Cypriot Textiles Designer. He graduated from the University of the West of England in Bristol in 2022. He has been nominated by his university for the “Fashion Innovation Award” and “The Considered Fashion Award” at the Graduate Fashion Week in the UK. Between his studies, he has interned at the atelier of Iris Van Herpen and Ronald Van Der Kemp in Amsterdam, where he gained experience in couture. He also worked with Dutch artists where he experimented with photography, digital editing, and intricate handwork. In 2021, he launched his own brand which combines his love for textiles, photography, and art.

Evdokia Georgiou

Evdokia  is an artist based in Limassol, Cyprus. She owns an Art workshop for her Art practice. As a Fine Art graduate of University of Kent; Evdokia, in 2015, she was short-listed for the CVAN Platform Graduate Award. In addition, Evdokia has participated in several group exhibitions in Cyprus, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Spain, Denmark and the United Kingdom. She represented Cyprus at the European Glass Context 2021 at Bornholm, Denmark. Evdokia’s artworks were shown at the Biennale Larnaca 2018 and at the Rome Art Week in 2019.

Anastasia Krivenko

Anastasia Krivenko is a graphic artist, working mainly with the dry pastel technique, Member of The Cyprus Chamber of Fine Arts (E.KA.TE) and a member of The Pastelguild of Europe.
She graduated from the Moscow Pedagogical State University as a Master of Fine Arts. After graduation, worked as a graphic designer and digital artist for many years. In 2018 Anastasia moved with her family to live in Cyprus. The stunning beauty of this island, with its seascapes, gentle sun and life-giving air reignited her passion to paint with her hands. Intuitively, she chose fragile pastel as the most tactile material capable of conveying feelings and emotions. She also enjoys painting in oils and takes a lot of photographs.
The main subject of her work is the island and its nature. So, the theme of environmental pollution, and in particular the catastrophic pollution of the sea and the world’s oceans by plastic, deeply concerns Anastasia.

Maria Kyriacou

Η Μαρία Κυριάκου είναι μία multidisciplinary artist γεννημένη και μεγαλωμένη στη Λεμεσό. Το 2014 μετακόμισε στην Αγγλία όπου ζούσε και σπούδαζε μέχρι το 2019. Το 2020 ξεκίνησε τις σπουδές της στην Καλών Τεχνών του Τεχνολογικού Πανεπιστημίου Κύπρου, στην οποία βρίσκεται πλέων ως τελειόφοιτη. Στην πρακτική της διαπραγμάτευται συχνά ζητήματα οικιακότητας, ταυτότητας και ανθρωπίνων σχέσεων.

Angie Vein

Living in the center of Nicosia within the walled city, made my artistic concerns and interests resolve around that environment. Researching and exploring aspects of the mediums through technology, materiality, and perception from variably different standpoints. My work investigates and negotiates at the same time the relationship between deep expression in a modern fast moving digital world and the temperament of a traditional city colliding with the modern digital new age. In a constant negotiation with the same objectives, in a sentient manner to understand what else could lay there that the naked eye cannot perceive. Thorough observation of the whole as a unit and then a meticulous separation into the fine abstraction that leads to the next new objective. Photography, painting, printmaking, text, writing, video, and installation has been on the table for interrogation, negotiation, and collaboration. I am a multidisciplinary artist working basically with urban landscapes and concepts using photography and installation in combination with painting and materiality. Working mainly with lights and building’s architecture at night, reflective areas and industrial surfaces as well as a variety of materials in combination with other mediums in my practice such as painting, print making, collage, photography, film-making & installation. My photographic work researches the nocturnal urban creating particularly unusual atmospheres in an installation set up mostly. My paintings are usually made on plain – air depicting abstract landscapes of Cyprus mostly in large scale found objects with oil. (Usually flat wood/panel/plastic surfaces). My installations usually are the combination of photography – painting – materiality creating environments that arouse questions emotions and a sensitivity for the tragic times that we are living in terms of environmental and sociopolitical issues that impacts the planet on a global scale. I am an artist that constantly moves, researches and creates

Artemis Evlogimenou

In my work, I focus on materialising the invisible, such as, emotions, concepts and beliefs. I draw inspiration from three, lifelong fascinations – anthropology, sound and nature and I explore these topics by using both digital and analogue processes. By engaging people in my art, I hope to communicate the fragility of our planet and its raw beauty.

Panayiotis Pasantas

Ανάμεσα σε οριακές αμφισημίες και υπαρξιακά αινίγματα, εμφανίζονται στην οπτική αυλαία της θέασης, οι μικρού μεγέθους υπόλευκες και κεραμικές σχεδιομορφές του Παναγιώτη Πασάντα, απαρτίζοντας θεατρικού τύπου σκηνές, σπονδυλωτά αρθρωμένες, αλλά συνθετικά και νοηματικά αυτονομημένες, οι οποίες προέρχονται από κάποιο, θαρρεί κανείς, στοχαστικό «αιμόδραμα», το οποίο βρίσκεται σε διαρκή εξέλιξη. Το γλυπτό αυτό «αιμόδραμα», που αποκαλύπτει κάθε φορά τις ακροβατικά σχανοβατούσες φιγούρες του – ανάμεσα στον σκιοφωτισμό και στον χώρο της μυθοπλαστικής τους πλοκής – αφορά μορφοποιημένες κοσμογονικές δοξασίες κι απορίες, σχετικές με το εδώ και το επέκεινα.

Panteleima Nicolaidou

Panteleima Nicolaidou is a visual artist, and she graduated in June 2023. In early 2021 the young artist participated in a workshop called “The Emergence Project – Our gruesome Heritage” founded by The Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space. This project was a collaboration between students and artists from Norway, Latvia, and Cyprus and it was a great starting point for her to experience art in a communal and collaborative way. In October 2022 she participated in the Buffer Fringe Performing Arts Festival 2022, held in Nicosia. Nicolaidou is also doing a residency with Korai and expected to present her work in December 2023. Nicolaidou’s studies have enabled her to further develop herself in other areas of the Arts. It is evident in Nicolaidou’s work the notion of community, and social related

issues that currently fall under the umbrella of ecology and natural disasters. Other than Scenography and Performance arts she enjoys Printmaking, Ceramics, Digital Imaging and Photography.

Tatiana Vasilyeva

A Russian-origin artist, and the recent war that her country started against Ukraine traumatized both her heart and her sense of belonging. Cyprus emerged as a safe haven where unexpectedly the artist has found solace alongside Ukrainian refugees. This foreign region, for both, became a shelter where unity prevails over division.

Mixalis Alexandrou

Μπορεί να επηρεαζόμαστε, να πληγωνόμαστε και να περιοριζόμαστε από διάφορες περιστάσεις στη ζωή μας, αλλά δεν καθοριζόμαστε από αυτές. Είμαστε πλάσματα που αυτοπροσδιορίζονται. Τελικά, εμείς αποφασίζουμε ποιο θα είναι το πώς θα είναι η ύπαρξή μας. Όπως λέει ο Φρανκλ, πρέπει κανείς να αποφασίσει “τι θα γίνει την επόμενη στιγμή”. Η ζωή δίνει διαφορετικές βιολογικές, ψυχολογικές και κοινωνιολογικές συνθήκες στον καθένα. Υπάρχει όμως ένα πράγμα στο οποίο είμαστε όλοι ίσοι – η ικανότητά μας να ξεπεράσουμε αυτές τις συνθήκες, να αναπτυχθούμε πέρα από αυτές.


Είναι στο χέρι του κάθε ατόμου αν θα υποκύψει στις συνθήκες ή αν θα αντισταθεί σε αυτές. Μια δύσκολη και επώδυνη ζωή δεν πρέπει να χρησιμοποιείται ως δικαιολογία για να μετατραπεί κανείς σε ένα πικρόχολο και αγανακτισμένο άτομο που προσπαθεί να κάνει και τους άλλους δυστυχισμένους. Υπάρχει πάντα μια επιλογή που πρέπει να γίνει όσον αφορά την αντίδραση του καθενός στη ζωή. Όσο σκληρά κι αν σας χτυπήσει η ζωή και όσες φορές κι αν σας απογοητεύσει, είναι στο χέρι σας να διατηρήσετε τη φωτιά στην καρδιά σας ζωντανή και αναμμένη.

Efthymia Hadjielia


Efthymia Hadjielia is a Cypriot artist born in Nicosia Cyprus. Since a very early stage she made her first steps in the sector of Art. In 2005 she succesfully aplied for the Univerrsity of Fine Arts in Athens and succesfully concluded her studies in 2011. During this period in 2007 she got her Tattoing Diploma, in 2008 she had her exhibition under the name “Last Brushstoke” in Nicosia with enriched by the sound of Classical Music performed live by Cypriot and foregn Soloists, in 2009 she participated in a group exhibition at “House of Arts and Letters Larnaca”, in 2011 she participated in another group exhibition at “Kaplanon 5” in Athens.

Petros Zachariou

Petros Zachariou is a 3D Generalist, holding a BA degree in Animation from CAA/UCA University. With a strong imagination, he excels at bringing his creative visions to life in the 3D world. In his free time, Petros enjoys drawing and video games, and he is passionate about art that delivers a meaningful message

Aldebaran Solares

Aldebarán Solares is a visual artist and photographer based in Mexico with a MFA at National University of Mexico UNAM (Mexico, 2016). Resident at UPV (Spain, 2015) and Fragua South Contemporary Art (Chile, 2019). He studied the Photographic Production Seminar at Centro de la Imagen (Mexico, 2018) and Mundo-Imagen program at MUAC-UNAM (Mexico, 2017). His work and artistic research departs from the necessity of understand the way we live in the world and how our reality is bond to our perception and visual culture. He was invited to VI National Research Meeting on Photography at Centro de la Imagen (Mexico, 2021) and selected as guest curator at International Festival on Experimental Photography EXP.21 (Spain,2021).

The Sheep from the Future

Between 2019 and 2021, our team accompanied shepherds through their daily routines in Mount Lebanon, where families stay for the summer. We were struck by how shepherds’ labor is built around (rather than against) its ecology, as it migrates with the seasons and relies on multispecies cooperation: the young men herd the animals; women milk them; children feed and train them; and the animals, in turn, feed the family. This mutual dependence scales all the way to the subsistence of a country in collapse—pressures on this socio-ecological system can have cascading consequences.

Lia Mori

Michalis Kounelakis

Lia Mori (visual artist, architectural engineer, animal rights activist) and Michalis Kounelakis (sound artist, electronic music composer, animal rights activist) collaborate as an Athens-based duo whose work is based on integrating sound, visuals and programming languages. The duo aims to narrate and comment, with an activist and allegorical character, on sociopolitical, philosophical and technological issues. Their first audiovisual performance, called “In this Twilight”, took place in June 2023. They have participated in the /’fu:bar/ Glitch Art Festival (Zagreb, 2023), the Vegan Life Festival Art Exhibition (Athens, 2022) and the Tiny/Massive (Winter Lights Festival, Reykjavik, 2019).

It’s Mitsi

ΜΙΤΣΙ is a Multidisciplinary + VJ Artist, specialised in real-time (live~ generative) visuals, digital scenography and performance. Her interests include digital/ mediated technological elements relating electronic music/experimental sounds, art, performance, and stage design. She participated + performed (in Cyprus and abroad) in various exhibitions/ events, festivals and directed site-specific/ participatory/ interactive performances, combining computer software/ hardware experience and projection mapping techniques. She blends sounds and unique visual imagery inspired by nature, space, ocean, sublimity/ evoking our sense of what is beyond us and cannot be comprehended- our attempt to imagine what we cannot see, the immensity of the unknown.

Mitsi received her Masters by Research award from Hertfordshire University investigating digital scenography through the art of dance, offering improvisatory dance performance experiences, through new choreographic tool– for the visual spectacle as well– between the technological and the natural, the epistemology of ocean waves and the term of “sublime”. At the same time she works professionally as a web designer and graphic designer.

Stella Kyriakides

Stella is a musician with a background in Ethnomusicology and Film. She was based in London for the past 10 years and has recently moved to Cyprus. A piano and classical guitar teacher with a passion for trying to make music learning fun for people of all ages, and a firm believer that music is something we all have in us, each in their own way.

Composition and being creative through sound is one of the things she has enjoyed exploring over the years, both in London and Cyprus. She has written music for small theatre productions, social media advertisements and a performance art project. She takes inspiration from anything that may stimulate her imagination through her surroundings and enjoys experimenting with sounds and textures.

World music and Film are always in the forefront of her interests having studied both at a post-graduate level. Her love of nature, books of all sorts and exploring the world are always sources of inspiration for her work.

Two years ago she started practicing the ancient art of Sound Healing which uses sound, vibrations and frequencies to reach deeper levels of our bodies and minds. This has influenced the way she perceives sound and music and in extent, her overall work.

Atesh K

Savia Palate


Savia Palate is the leading investigator of U-SHer (Uneasy but Shared Heritage:
Modern Architecture on a Divided Island) at the University of Cyprus. She holds a
PhD in Architecture from the University of Cambridge as a Cambridge Trust scholar (Vice-Chancellor Award), and degrees from the Architectural Association School of London and the Pennsylvania State University. Her work has been presented and published in an array of international academic channels, including the Society of Architectural Historians (SAH), the Society of Architectural Historians Great Britain (SAHGB), and the European Network of Architectural Historians (EAHN).