Music / LineUp

Johnny Blue

Johnny Blue comes from Cyprus and he started dj-ing in the late 90’s. His first influence was rock and especially psychedelic rock. In 2000 he got into the electronic scene with a main interest chill out and psychedelic trance music.

Being influenced by several music cultures he developed a unique style by by smoothly blending sounds in colourful and sensational music journeys.

Johnny is one of the senior representatives on the launch, establishment and uprising of Cyprus’ psychedelic music scene.

In 2011 he joined Mikelabella Records where he works as A/R Manager. His first compilation titled “Planet Blue” was released in December 2012 and the second one under the title “Blue Moon” in April 2014. In the beginning of 2013, he became a Peak Records label dj. In January 2015 he entered Feel Life Music roster. His VA ‘Selections’ for Sofa Beats Records has been released in early 2017.

Johnny Blue has various international appearances in the USA, Mexico, UK, Morocco, Israel, Russia and in most of the European countries , in parties and festivals like Boom, Ozora, Psy Fi, Ometeotl, Anthropos, Mo:Dem and more.


Wanderwonder…a music enthusiast from Cyprus who started selecting and collecting tunes for the past two decades has oriented towards deep sounds the past few years. Influenced by many kinds of music fell in love after all mostly with Dub Techno, Psydub and Deep House. Her selections from all over the world and time aim to journey soul and spirit to a harmonic flow.

Alekkos & Motif

Alekkos and Motif have been playing together for the past 4 years. They are also two of the three co-owners of the local Barking Cats Radio.
Together they blend minimal house, techno & breakbeats into their dj sets and work well with the crowd on the dancefloor and the vibe of the place to create a coherent and organic flowing set throughout the night.
Expect minimal sounds, with their own unique approach


A name that has been floating around the underground scene of Cyprus for a decade now. A living spectre of Techno music in the island. Co-owner of Barking Cats Radio but above all a true audiophile!


You’ve probably already heard Plasmatik play at one of Cyprus’ pioneering music venues or alternative underground parties, his sound steers into the deeper and frequently more cerebral side of house and techno.