OPEN CALL for Art & Research Exhibition ‘Awareness 2023’

For the third consecutive year Afternoon Project invites artists, performers, musicians, photographers, creators, videographers, architects, researchers and people who have artwork, street art, videos, research and studies related to Social, Urban and/or Environmental Awareness.

Social issues, social impact, sustainability, development and urban innovation, circle economy, culture and history are some of the topics that applicants can relate.

Through the combination of art exhibitions, projections and the presentation of architectural, social and innovative research, Afternoon Project has as its main objective the social, urban and environmental awareness which is necessary to achieve a creative, functional and sustainable quality life framework in town.

/ Last day to apply: 02 October 2023

/ The exhibition is scheduled for November 2023.

/ Awareness 2023 is supported by the CULTURE II program of the Ministry of Culture.

* Professional qualification is not necessary to submit an application for the open call.